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Inihaw na Liempo(Grilled Pork Belly),Pinaputok na Tilapia (Grilled, stuffed St. Peter's Fish),Chicken BBQ, Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid),Pork BBQ, Tahong (Green Shells) or seafoods in season served withsliced tomatoes, onions, pickled papaya and java rice.

DJB Special Boodle

Pork Sisig, Bagbet, Chix. Inasal,Bistek Tagalog,Pork Binagoongan, sarciadong Isda and Poque Poqueserved with sliced tomatoes, onions and steamed rice.

Taal Specialties Boodle

We love to meet people who want to share their love of food at events, private parties and more. Drop us a line or give us a call.

Ihaw Ihaw Platter

Pork BBQ, Inihaw na baboy(grilled spareribs),Chicken BBQ, Inihaw na Pusit(grilled squid),Pinaputok na Tilapia(Grilled stuffed St. Peter's Fish) and Tortang Talong(Eggplant Omelette)served with diced onion, tomatoes,pickled papaya and fish sauce bagoong balayan.


Halabos na Hipon(stewed shrimps),Grilled Tuna Belly,Pinaputok na Tilapia(Grilled, stuffed St. Peter's Fish), Inihaw na Pusit(grilled squid),tahong or seafoods inseason served with diced onion, tomatoes, pickledpapaya and fish sauce bagoong balayan.

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